2016 was a hell of a year.

There were challenges. There were breakthroughs. There was pain and joy and everything else you can hope out of life.

I ran a new course, Art Camp 3, which I consider the best, most comprehensive course I’ve ever taught.

I started playing Magic because apparently I needed an expensive hobby.

I completely rebuilt and redesigned noahbradley.com and artcamp.com because I’m either picky or crazy.

I spent most of the year in Australia and Scotland and made fantastic friends in both of those places.

I got to work for some of my dream clients, like Disney and CD Projekt RED.

I lost about 20lbs and got in the best shape of my life.

Oh, and Britney Spears posted one of my paintings on instagram.

It was quite a year.

And it had downsides too. I fell short of so many of my goals. I burned myself out from working too hard. I had some of my lowest moments in recent memory.

But here at the brink of a new year, I cannot wait for everything that’s ahead. I feel like so many things are at the tipping point and 2017 is shaping up to be a truly fantastic year.

I’ve set high goals for myself, as I always do. And I hope you’ve done the same. No matter what sort of year you may have had, there’s always the chance to make this coming year a better one.

And thank you all for all of your continued support. The fact that I made it another year as an artist is an accomplishment in and of itself. And that wouldn’t be possible without the constant encouragement and support from folks like you. So thanks. <3