I’m leaving social media

(I’ll try my best not to make those one of those “I’m a drama queen and please pay attention to me” kind of things and more of a “here’s what I’m doing I hope you understand.”)

I left Facebook in early 2015 and I never missed it. I was never tempted to go back. At all. I just moved on. It was a distraction I didn’t have in my life and I didn’t miss it. And, despite not having it, both my social and professional life went on just fine.

And now I’m thinking that maybe I don’t need any of the social networks in my life. Maybe the idea that to promote myself as an artist and have a following I need to be on social networks is wrong. Maybe there’s another way. Maybe I can focus instead on creating more, better work and let things spread as they will. Maybe (just maybe) other people can share my work for me and it’ll spread at least as well.

I’ll be focusing on my mailing list and this website as the main way of getting my art out there. If you wanna follow my work, that’s the best way to do it. Subscribe to my list and I’ll send you cool stuff.

I’m sorry if this is annoying or if you won’t see as much of my art as before. I really am. I like when people see my work. It makes me happy. And if an email every once in a while isn’t how you want to see my art, I understand. I had a lot of disappointed people when I left Facebook. They didn’t have as much of my art in their lives. That sucks.

But I’m hoping this move will help me make more, better paintings and even probably write more here on this blog. And as much as I like interacting with fans and friends and peers and all that, the thing that really satisfies my soul is creating. If I’m doing any less of that than I can, then I don’t think I’m living how I want to.

And sure, I think for some people they would be able to moderate things. Turn off a little bit and enjoy just posting when they make new stuff. I wouldn’t be able to do that. I need to go all-or-nothing here, and right now I’m going to try for nothing. It’s the same reason I struggle to schedule phone calls or meetings or anything. One item on my mind during the day is infinitely more than zero items. I need to totally cut something out if I’m hoping to truly forget about it.

So if you haven’t already, then go sign up for my mailing list and get some goodies in your inbox.

And if you want to support my art and what I’m doing, share it around when you see it. That goes for any other artist or creative you follow. Share their work around. It helps us and we appreciate it more than you know.

Stay awesome.