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Mountain 1 (Origins) (Foil)

Mountain 1 (Origins) (Foil)

By Noah Bradley for Magic: The Gathering Artist Proof

20 playmats in stock.

Limited edition Magic: The Gathering artist proofs. White-back, not-tournament-legal versions of all of the cards I've done. Artists receive 50 non-foil and 30 foil copies of each card.

“What's a playmat?” Playmats are a lot like mousepads. They're soft, rubber-backed, flexible prints that are perfect for playing games on or using as oversized mousepads.

“Can you sign my print?” No, unfortunately. All prints and playmats are made and shipped by other people, so I never get a chance to scribble on them. Sorry.

Free shipping in the US. Everybody hates paying for shipping. So all of my products include free shipping. Please note that international shipping is a flat rate of $12 and will often take 4~ weeks because earth is a big planet and sometimes things take a while.

Giclée print sizes are not exact and refer to the maximum paper size. All giclee prints feature a minimum 1" white border around them. And due to the different aspect ratios will be somewhat smaller (or even a touch larger) than the size listed because of a larger margin on a couple of the sides.

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