Remove negativity

Negativity doesn’t help.

Negativity is bringing you down. Discouraging you. Distracting you. Keeping you from creating. Telling you that you aren’t good enough. You won’t make it. You can’t make it. You’re wasting your time. It takes the best of your time, energy, and motivation.

Remove negativity.

Situations, people, and habits can be negative influences on your life. Remove them. No, it ain’t easy. It’s necessary.

First, identify the negative influences. Find things in your life that leave you worse than before. That destroy your creative drive. At some level, we usually know what these influences are. But for the sake of tradition, loyalty, or merely routine we don’t do anything about them.

Remove them. I can’t tell you how to do this. Everyone deals with a very unique set of negativity in their lives. The balance you strive for and the lengths you’re willing to go are entirely your choosing. Don’t make any hasty decisions. Sometimes things can change for the better. Sometimes it’s worth holding onto something in hopes that it will. Or sometimes—painful though it may be—we need to make the harder choice.

And then embrace the positive. Surround yourself with the situations, people, and habits that make you better. That encourage you. That inspire you to work harder than you ever have. Fill the role that negativity used to play in your life with positivity. Befriend those with an insatiable desire to live. Find places that almost vibrate with a creative excitement.

Lastly, be certain that you yourself are not a source of negativity. See that you are a positive influence on those around you. Removing your own negativity can be the hardest of all, because it can become so ingrained in us. We get used to it. We don’t even see it anymore. Look at how you affect people.

Too often we are comfortable maintaining negativity in our lives. We’re too lazy or scared to change things. Even when they will make our lives and our work better.

Don’t accept the shackles keeping you down.