Start often, finish well

Start a lot of things. Scribble down thousands of thumbnails for paintings. Jot down ideas for novels, poems, articles. Sketch constantly. Start drawings, paintings, sculptures, songs, anything. Every day, start something new. Hell, start ten new things.

Finish a few things. Don’t finish everything—you don’t have time. But when you do finish, finish well. Pick the best starts. There’s no sense in finishing a lousy start. Take your time and make it the best you can. Do it right.

Starting forces you to come up with more ideas. Finishing makes you pick the good ones.

Starting puts you on the right path. Finishing shows you how far that path extends.

Starting is dreaming. Finishing is making it real.

Starting is part of an idea. Finishing is the completion of that idea.

If you don’t start well, you won’t finish well. If you can’t finish, you only have the potential of something great.

Start often, finish well.