When in doubt, return to the basics

Still life by Noah Bradley

I did a still life this morning on livestream. I hadn’t done a still life in months. Maybe longer. But since I’ve had the nagging feeling lately that my art is getting stale I’ve been looking for ways to push my skills and continue to develop as an artist.

So I went back to the basics. Back to working from life. Back to studying. Not just making pretty pictures, but trying to develop the skills necessary to make pretty pictures. I don’t think an artist can ever get to the point where returning to study the basics is not beneficial. So on top of all of the professional and portfolio work I’m trying to do these days, I’ll be making times for studies, so that the former can become even better. I’ll livestream what I can, so hopefully you’ll join me! I always post on Facebook & Twitter when I’m going to livestream (usually with a little advance notice).