I’m Noah Bradley and I’m a creator.

I teach how to make better art at Art Camp (and share a lot of free stuff on my YouTube channel). I wrote a book on how I learned to Paint Figures Better. I also taught people The Art of Freelancing (the website is painfully outdated, but the info is still useful).

I shoot really good, affordable Reference.Pictures for artists. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of downloads of them, so you’ve probably seen them floating around the internet. If you’re an artist (or just like pretty pictures), you’ll probably really enjoy them.

I make primal fantasy art for my world, The Sin of Man. I’m writing the story of this world and the outline is going well.

You can download my digital painting brushes here. They’re all I use and I think they’re fucking good.

I sell prints, playmats, token cards, and more on my store featuring personal work and the stuff I did for Magic: The Gathering. I really appreciate when people buy stuff from here, because it helps me to keep making cool art and stuff.

I’m married to Rachel Bradley, who is a really great artist, writer, and creator. We call ourselves Team Bradley and we record a podcast together called Creators.Chat.

Here are a few things I’ve written that you might enjoy:

I have a not-spammy and kinda-entertaining mailing list. I’m trying to send an email once a week. Here’s a sample email so you can get a feel for what they’re like.

I don’t do freelance work any more, but you’re always welcome to try to entice me with a really cool project. Or if you’d just like to send me a nice email, send it to noah@noahbradley.com. I try to respond to most people these days (even if might take me a while to do so).