I’m Noah Bradley and I’m a creator. I’m mostly an artist but I do a lot of other things too.

I shoot beautiful πŸ“Έ Reference.Pictures for artists. Now you don’t have to spend hours googling to find good reference or spend $$$ to hire a modelβ€”we’ve got you covered.

I teach how to make better art at πŸ•οΈ Art Camp, a self-directed online program that covers the fundamentals of art in two courses and another course on landscape painting. I wrote a book on how I learned to πŸ“š Paint Figures Better and how you can too. I just self-published my second book, Art is Dead: And Other Hopeful Essays on How to Make Good Art and Not Be a Bad Artist.

I have a free YouTube channel where you can watch me work and learn how to paint and listen to my ramble on about art stuff. πŸ–ŒοΈ Download my digital painting brushes here because they’re pretty fucking great. I also taught The Art of Freelancing so that you can learn how to get your foot in the door and thrive as a freelance artist.

I make primal fantasy art for my world, The Sin of Man. I’m writing the novel right now and the prose is coming out of me like the last dregs from a honey bear bottle.

To spice up your screens, download a free bundle of wallpapers of my art. Or if your walls and desk look boring and sad, I sell prints, desk mats, MTG stuff, and more.

I’m married to Rachel Bradley. We call ourselves Team Bradley and we record a podcast called Creators.Chat.

Here are a few things I’ve written that you might enjoy:

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I don’t do freelance work any more, but you’re always welcome to try to entice me with a really cool project. Or if you’d just like to send me a nice email, send it to noah@noahbradley.com. I try to respond to most people (even if might take me a while to do so).